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17.11.2006, 08:01
Ricky Martin ist morgen Samstag im El Corte Inglés in Las Palmas zu Gast. Martin wird seine aktuelle CD "MTV Unplugged" im Rahmen einer Autogrammstunde vorstellen. Für Fans ein Pflichttermin! - Morgen Samstag auf dem Parkplatz vor dem El Corte Ingles in Siete Palmas, von 18.30 bis 20 Uhr.

17.11.2006, 08:08
Ich komm immer zu spät auf die Insel. :evil:
Den hätte ich gerne gesehen, ist das ein Sahneschnittchen.
Und die neue CD ist der absolute Hammer. Ich habe Ausschnitte davon im TV gesehen/gehört.
Einfach super geil. Die muss man haben.

17.11.2006, 10:55
Oh Petra haben wir, das verdient. Den hätte ich mir gern angesehen, dat lecker Kerlchen :lol: :lol: :lol:

Aber ob er weiß was er verpasst, wenn er uns nicht sieht x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5

17.11.2006, 15:42
Mensch Sunny, so hab ich das noch garnicht gesehen.
Also sogesehen, tut er mir ja soooo leid. :arrow:

27.11.2006, 10:38
Ricky Martin felt the "heat" of the canarian fans

The musician in a Instore in Siete Palmas

For a long time did not visit the Islands, but Ricky Martin has felt again "the heat of the public" during his double scale in the Archipelago. Friday, Santa Cruz in Tenerife, where starred a instore. Yesterday, The Palms of Great Canary, where the puerto rican artist also wanted to approach his fan.

Ricky Martin began to sign copies of his new work, Ricky Martin: MTV Unplugged, around 6.30pm. The place, a stand situated for the occasion in the exterior parking of The English Cut of Seven Palms. As had happened the previous day in Tenerife, the appointment of the singer with his fans in the of Grand Canary capital became an crowded event.

Nearby, attentive and wasting sympathy, the singer spoke with his followers, dedicated copies of his new record, Ricky Martin: MTV Unplugged, and stamped his signature in notebooks and photos. Among the followers of the singer that were given appointment in Seven Palms, children and adult, men and women... Hundreds of people that left again patent the tug of Martin among the Canarian fans.

Since he began his artistic career at the beginning of the decade of 1980 with barely twelve years, Ricky Martin has sold more than 55 million album, and has offered hundreds of concerts through the world. Maintaining the contact with his fans, continues being fundamental for an artist that will begin his next tour in February of 2007 in Puerto Rico.

The tour will arrive at Spain in May or June, and Martin's intention is that the itinerary include the Islands, in which feels "at home".

The promotion in Spain of Ricky Martin: MTV Unplugged, an album in which besides acoustics versions of some of his successes, included a duet with La Mari , singer of Chambao, will finalize next Thursday in Barcelona.

Quelle: canarias7.es

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